“This Is A Time To Get Better”: Haron Hargrave Talks Ballin’ 4 Peace With Lakithia Nicole Talk

Fresh off of taking part in the East Coast “Peaches & Crates” and NYC Park Tour with The Hoop Bus and and Veniceball over the weekend, Ballin’ 4 Peace Founder Haron Hargrave joined recording artist and actress Lakithia Nicole for a sit down interview at her Brooklyn studio for the latest episode of Lakithia Nicole Talk.  

Along with sharing the vision behind launching and operating Ballin’ 4 Peace, Haron talked about the importance of holding annual events to help give back to communities in need and continue sharing a message of peace throughout New York City and across the United States. It’s a big reason why Ballin’ 4 Peace jumped at the chance to team-up with The Hoop Bus and Veniceball, along with recently hosting community outreach events at Queens Week X for the Pro Am Basketball Tournament and “Hanging with a Purpose” at Lincoln Park in Jersey City, New Jersey co-sponsored by Easy Eats Meal Prep

“I know a lot of things that you have done, but I’ve also seen a lot of things that I didn’t know,” Lakithia Nicole said as she opened the show

“Before it was really popular to be an entrepreneur or even someone representing peace -- and now there is Black Lives Matter -- but there are people who are just getting on that bandwagon because they feel it’s a “movement”. But for you, all of this is not really a movement. It’s a lifestyle. Even before the pandemic, you were really about this.”

In the past year alone, Ballin’4 Peace has kept a focus on being an organization that does their part in supporting, encouraging, and walking alongside communities and neighborhoods from Queens, to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey City, and Philadelphia. In addition to partnering with The Hoop Bus, Veniceball, Easy Eats, and hosting the Pro Am at Queens Week X, Ballin’ 4 Peace organized the “Back to School Supplies Drive” and Flag Football game with the NYPD at Brooklyn Bridge Park, hosted the annual Ballin’ 4 Peace “Holiday Toy Drive” and Bowling Tournament at Bowlmor Lanes in Manhattan, New York, and held the 5th Annual Ballin'4 Peace Celebrity and Charity Basketball Game at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. 

“Peace through sports. That is what I live by. That’s what keeps me motivated. I take that same concept of team sports and I apply it to my life,” Haron said. 

“At the end of the day we are all here to do our part. That’s something people need to find and figure out their own path and purpose. I try to have a purpose behind my push.”

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Ballin’ 4 Peace and Haron have found new ways over the past 7 months of the Coronavirus pandemic to stay active, remain engaged, and even created additional content and social media series to help educate and inform communities about civic responsibility and social justice.  

“This was a difficult time at first. I had to figure out ways to still be positive without being seen or just keeping up. You can fall off really quick if people don’t see you doing the work. It’s about doing that work that people don’t see. They just see the results of it a lot of the time. COVID-19 has been a blessing and a curse. It forced me to take a break and get even more organized,” Haron explained, while looking ahead to hosting further Ballin’ 4 Peace events and programs. 

“This is a time to get better.”

Check out the full interview from Ballin'4 Peace Founder, Haron Hargrave with Lakithia Nicole Talk.