Ballin' 4 Peace And H2O Basketball Brings Community Together On The Court At Annual Queens Week

All of the days of preparation and planning to host a one day basketball tournament in Queens for the first time since the Coronavirus pandemic was no easy task, but it was well-worth every minute. It took the support of everyone in the community and our brand sponsors to ensure the event to commemorate Queens Week X was both safely run and provided the chance to once again spread peace through sports. 

”Growing up in Southside Jamaica Queens, New York, it was no joke. Queens Week and the basketball tournament made me realize that peace starts and ends with us,” said Ballin' 4 Peace Founder, H2O Basketball Trainer, and Queens native Haron Hargrave said looking back on the weekend at Queens Week.

“We have to continue to do our part to bring a piece of peace to one another.”

Make sure to visit Ballin' 4 Peace and H2O Basketball on Instagram to get a closer glimpse of the action from the Pro Am Basketball Tournament at 150th Park, with players, teams, coaches, the officials, and staff members all working hard to put together a memorable day of basketball. 

For Hargrave and Ballin'4 Peace, crowning a Tournament champion (with the winning team taking home $5000) on Sunday at Queens Week to conclude a successful community outreach event was the perfect ending to a full weekend that included Ballin' 4 Peace partnering with Easy Eats Meal Prep for Saturday's "Hanging With A Purpose Friends and Family Day" in Jersey City, New Jersey.