Making An Impact, the 3rd Annual Women’s Panel Presented By Ballin’ 4 Peace Keeps Focus on Positivity

Even a week after holding an informative all-women’s panel discussion for the third year in a row, the words and insights shared with students at Democracy Prep Endurance High School continues to reverberate.

It's all about "Celebrating Our Wins"

As part of March being International Women's Month, Marie David (Moderator), Vina Love (R&B Artist) DJ RIA (DJ, Host, Model), Samra Hill (Embodied Essentials), Soukaina Sourouri (Sourouri Law Firm), and Liquid Gold 24/7 Mobile IV Therapy all took to the stage to discuss the wins of women everywhere, including at Democracy Prep Endurance.  

“Hearing this year’s panel discussion and the journey each of these women walked, truly is inspiring,” said Ballin’ 4 Peace Founder, Haron Hargrave. 

“We are already looking forward to next year and coming back with even more amazing women who have the ability to reach so many young women through their individual experiences. We can’t thank everyone enough at Democracy Prep Endurance High School for helping us host this wonderful event.”


You can watch the entire 3rd Annual Women’s Panel at the official Ballin' 4 Peace YouTube page...

With over 400 students in attendance at Democracy Endurance Prep High School, this year's 3rd Annual Women's Panel Discussion focused on "Celebrating Our Wins" was once again the opportunity to inspire young people in school, life, athletics, and their communities.