Ballin’ 4 Peace Launches New In-School Program with The Peace Games

Harlem, New York -- The happy faces of the students on the court said it all. They worked hard, had fun, and learned about spreading peace through sports in the process.

The student body, teachers, and faculty members in the stands cheered them on. They lent their much-needed support and encouragement. 

And the on-court announcer did his part to keep everyone hyped and hopeful at the opportunity to take a break from classwork and exams to enjoy some basketball. It was just what two schools, students, and staff members needed before the holiday break.

This was the result of Ballin’ 4 Peace’s new program as the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization launched the formation of The Peace Games. Created to provide community outreach and services to schools throughout New York City, The Peace Games offers the chance for students to come together peacefully thanks to Ballin’4 Peace’s in-school program. 

This past December, Ballin’ 4 Peace Founder Haron Hargrave led efforts in Harlem by not only introducing the in-school program concept but also by being on the court to officiate The Peace Games as students from Democracy Prep Endurance High School and Harlem Prep High School took to the court. 

“As an organization, we have wanted to provide this kind of community outreach to students and schools for some time now,” Hargrave said reflecting on the in-school program at Harlem Prep High School

“I am just happy we were able to reach and teach so many kids, teachers, and faculty at one time with such a peaceful and entertaining gathering. We look forward to continuing to present this in-school programming throughout New York City. This was just the start.”

In the end, everyone came away winners at The Peace Games. 

For schools looking to participate in The Peace Games, you are encouraged to contact Haron Hargrave directly at Ballin’ 4 Peace for further information and to schedule your in-school program. 

Founded in 2008, 501(c)3 non-profit organization Ballin’ 4 Peace (B4P) is committed to raising awareness about violence within NYC and beyond. B4P provides an outlet for inner-city youth who can interface with their favorite celebrities, athletes, and influencers as they promote peace through sports, annual events, and by partnering with companies and brands who mutually share the same vision of “giving back”. 

Now Ballin' 4 Peace can add in-school programming to its already long list of positive impact thanks to The Peace Games. 


Haron Hargrave (Ballin 4 Peace, Founder) 


Phone Number: 718.757.4234