We are committed to raising awareness as an effort to reduce senseless acts of violence across the United States. Participating and supporting socialites, artists, political leaders, activists and athletes across the city join forces to support examine and engage in solutions by providing alternative activities.

How do I get involved with Ballin’ 4 Peace? As a 501(c)3, there are a number of ways to get involved and lend support to Ballin’ 4 Peace. In addition to welcoming volunteers and interns for the organization to assist with brainstorming, planning, and execution of the organization, Ballin’ 4 Peace is always looking for ways to have community members and young adults (14-19 years of age) be part of our on-going outreach, programs, and events. We also encourage student-athletes to take an active role in becoming involved in Ballin’ 4 Peace by “giving back” from the basketball court, to the classroom, and into our communities. For those interested in joining our team at Ballin’ 4 Peace and learning more about our community outreach, service programs, and year-round sports and charity events, contact us directly via the official Ballin’ 4 Peace website or our social media channels: www.ballin4peace.org -- @ballin4peace on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook<